About us

Hi! Thank you for being here! I am Riccardo, a guy with a great passion for motors. My Macchinine project was born out of curiosity and desire to bring the history of motoring back into everyday life.

My interest started a while ago, precisely when my father decided to restore my mother's old FIAT 500 L which had been left in the dark and damp of a garage forgotten by everyone. Covered in dust and rust, no one would have ever imagined that the heap of scrap metal would get going and shine again, but instead, with a dash of gasoline, it came back to life! Who would have thought that it would become my first car and that it would give me this passion... But, most importantly, who would have thought that today, thanks to Camilla – which is the name of my car - I would have welcomed you to this great little project, with the hope and desire to transport you on this journey with me.

Macchinine is not just a piece of clothing, Macchinine is curiosity, study and research, but above all it is the desire to share a passion!